Online Music Classes 

Below are some of the important details from scheduling info to our convenient Instrument Purchase Program 

Call 908-244-4943 

Class Schedule

Online Lessons are scheduled at your convenience. (FMI has a large music faculty and we will very likely be able to accommodate your preference of time and day.)

Please give 2 day/time options on this form. We will do all we can to meet one of these options.

Lessons are billed monthly. (In Advance of the upcoming month - adjustments for tuition credit will be applied to the next month's invoice)

Tuition for Class   

Online classes are $30 for 30 minute (lessons can be longer if requested)  - Billed in advance of each Month.

Please note: Make up credits are given for absences when you provide notice (12-24 hours notice is necessary). If you prefer to have a missed class credited instead, it will be reflected on the next month's invoice - you will always be able to track this by signing into

Instrument Purchase Plan -  (with return option)   
  • own your instrument in less time with no interest fees and no financing charges. (Renting from a music store usually takes 5+ years to own and instrument)
  • Instruments will be delivered to school or to your home. The Deposit and 1st payment will be charged to your card within a week of enrollment. 
  • If you choose to stop playing and wish to discontinue the program, simply return the instrument in like new condition. (You are responsible for repair costs if needed)
  • There is a policy agreement on this form. 

  (Please note: If we ship to your home, shipping fee will be added)

Included in the Purchase Plan: ($50 Deposit)

These instruments will be delivered to your school - for online lessons, they will be shipped to your home

10 Payments of $25

6 Payments of $25

61 Key Digital Keyboard 

Nylon String Acoustic Guitar 
Snare Drum

12 Payments of $25

18 Payments of $38


Violins (Cellos) are handled through - "The Violin Doctor"

String Instruments are handled through our suggested dealer "The Violin Doctor" because a new violin is needed each time your child grows and trade ups are available in their program. Also, specialty repairs are needed from time to time and it is best to use their repair services (most often included with their rental program)

When you choose this option on your enrollment, A link to the "Violin Doctor" will be sent to you. 

Call 908-244-4943

**Please Note: Upon Enrollment, a deposit of $120 is collected. This covers initial tuition and lesson materials. 

Adjustments will be made for instrument purchases within the 1st week after enrollment** 

(Please be sure to read FMI Policies)